Hot Commodity (Season One: Episode One)

Hot Commodity (Season One: Episode One)
Series: Hot Commodity, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: SE Press
ISBN: 9781934342473

The STAKED saga continues in the serialized novel HOT COMMODITY.

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About the Book

After receiving blood from a futuristic time-traveler in STAKED, some strange things have been happening to Dexter Stone. First, he’s no longer “allergic” to the sun. And second, he’s starting to see auras around others, enabling him to accurately sense what their intentions are. While a vampire’s senses are heightened, what’s happening to Stone is not normal so he heads out in search of Ava Valentine–the one person this all ties back to. Maybe she knows what’s going on.

Trouble is, Ava has been sanctioned by the UFTB (United Federation of Time Brokers Council) for taking Stone to her Time Relay Station in STAKED. Now her ability to broker time is restricted to just two days before and after the full moon. When Ava fails to return to the 29th Century as previously scheduled, everyone starts looking for her–including some very bad people.

As if trying to find a time-traveling bounty hunter isn’t hard enough for Stone, things are further complicated by an old adversary with whom he must settle the score, once and for all.Join New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Sandra Edwards and Special Guest Author Stevie Edwards as the story continues in the new serial: Hot Commodity. Season One begins June, 2016. Look for new episodes approximately every six weeks.

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