Welcome to Sandy’s Library!

This is the place where NYT & USAT Bestselling Author Sandra Edwards used to write romance novels and novellas. But now, due to an onset of cognitive and physical health issues in recent years, Sandra has been forced to retire from writing fiction.

These days, she reads tarot cards with her Spirit Guides.

Be sure to check out her new Channel on Youtube, Sandy’s Library, where free, timeless tarot reads are uploaded daily.  We should note that Sandy’s new Youtube channel is for Twin Flames in Separation.

Please be aware that Sandy does have cognitive issues that prevent her from interacting with others on a social level–so for this reason, she is no longer available on social media.

Also, there are some key people and events from Sandy’s life that she does not and cannot remember. We hope that those people understand Sandy is doing the best she can with what she has left. And she still remembers ALL of Sandy’s Crew (her immediate family)… so we are thankful for that.

That said, we know that Sandy has a lot of friends out there who are worried about her. She wants you all to know that she’s doing fine (as well as  can be expected, anyway). But, if you’d like to send her a private message to let her know you’re thinking about her, you can do so at: sandra1@sandrawrites.com.

But please be aware that it’s doubtful that you’ll hear back from her. She just can’t do it. Let’s all be glad that she can still provide us with her entertaining tarot readings.

Love & Peace,
Sandy’s Crew