Hot Commodity (Season One: Episode Three)

Hot Commodity (Season One: Episode Three)
Series: Hot Commodity, Book 4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: SE Press
ISBN: 9781934342497

Season One continues with Episode Three.

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About the Book

Join New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Sandra Edwards and Special Guest Author Stevie Edwards as their serial continues.

Skeet arrives in Seattle where Sophie (a witch from his and Stone’s past) begins the task of creating a spell to locate a time traveler. Meanwhile, Ava makes an impromptu stop on her way to Seattle, where she again tries to break the enchantment on her Restrictor Bracelet. Lucien (who has little experience driving) buys a vehicle and ends up hiring Jimmy Salerno as his driver. Stone follows Benny Molina’s tip to Rhode Island, only to find out that Ava has been there, but she’s gone now. While there, he discovers that Turlo Morvin is looking for Ava, too. Mickey returns to the 21st Century and renews his search for Ava.

*Episode Three is approximately 8,000 words. About 35 pages.*

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