Glamour Girl

Glamour Girl
Series: West Coast Girlz, Book 2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Short Stories & Novellas
Publisher: SE Press
ASIN: B0088RM604
ISBN: 9781452456256

West Coast Girls continues with Rosanna's story.

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About the Book

Rosanna Carmichael’s career is one of glitz and glamour. She’s a photographer to the stars and the privileged. It’s her personal life that’s the problem. She just can’t seem to land a decent date. After getting fed up and swearing off new dates, she agrees to do a photo shoot for the wealthy recluse Gavin Elliot—a man who’s openly gay—where she thinks she’ll be safe from further disappointing entanglements. As it turns out, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Glamour Girl is the second installment of the West Coast Girlz trilogy. California Girl and Glamour Girl can be read out of order, but for full enjoyment potential, Party Girl should be read last.

**Glamour Girl is a short novella of about 10,000 words.**

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